VIRTUAL Ignite Your Life Breakthrough Challenge March 14th,15th, 16th.

Ignite Your Faith,
Breakthrough Challenge!


Why You Need This... And Why You Need It Now!

  • What to do when God's promises DON'T match up to what you are experiencing.
  • You feel stuck and are frustrated with the direction of your life!
  • You know that you were made for more in life!
  • ​You lack clarity about what it means to live a life of kingdom purpose.
  • You want a life that impacts and makes a difference in others!

Now Is The Time To Become...The BEST Version Of You!

When You Sign Up, You Will Get The Chance To WIN PRIZES! Including Gift Cards, Book pack's and More!

Become the BEST Version of yourself and reach your God-given potential even if you think it's too late for you. Your greatest hour is on the other side of this challenge.


A Bible-based program that will assist you in living out and experiencing the life that is promised to the believer!

Tired of Placing Your Life Dreams On The Back Burner? Feel Like Your Faith is Outmatched or in Conflict With What, The Bible Says?

It's Time To Experience Real Results In Your Life, Step Into Your Kingdom Identity and Purpose, and Live Out Your True Mission in Life!

Much of the world is shaken, shifted, and separated. My conviction is that it is time for God’s people to position themselves and step into their Kingdom purpose.


In the United States, That is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Pacific Standard Time
 9:00 AM  Each Day

Mountain Standard Time
10 AM Each Day

 Eastern Standard Time
12 PM Each Day
Have you sensed an acceleration where it concerns what God is wanting to do on the Earth? God is reintroducing Jesus to the world in a way they don't expect and you are part of that plan!

You were created for more. More life, more brilliance, and more fulfillment. Staying stuck in your life is no longer an option, it is time to shine!

Crush The Regret of Your Past, Break Out of Your Present And Claim Your Future


  • Move past your obstacles and life issues to getting unstuck where it concerns your spiritual growth.

  • Turn your faith from just something that you do on Sunday morning... into an authentic vibrant lifestyle that connects you to God's blueprint for living effectively...

  • Connect to God's design and purpose, make a difference!

And Enjoy a Greater Sense of Fulfillment...

  • Make a kingdom difference as an influencer, healer, problem solver!

Three Powerful Guest Speakers Sharing Their Wealth of Knowledge.

Rhonda Castanon

Rhonda is a coach and inspiration to women. She is an inspiration in helping others walk through the pain and difficulties of life. 

Joe Detre

Joe is a coach, speaker, and trainer that has a passion to see leaders succeed at every level of life. 

Violet Ramirez-Detre

Violet Detre is a Happiness Advocate, speaker, best-selling coauthor, and host of The SuccessPaTh Show.

Your Life Is At The Center of What God Desires To Do

When You Join The Ignite Your Life, Ignite Your World For Free Right Now You"ll Get:

  • 3 Days Of LIVE Training Starting March 14th at 9:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM ET (Same Time Daily) With Scott Johnson and other Experts Who Will Stir Your Soul And Lift You To A New Level.
  • Access To Our Private Group Page Where You Can Connect to Our Growing Community and Get Access To All Resources. And,
  • Get Your Copy of, Understanding God's Blueprint For Your Life Workbook.


Get exclusive access to this live training valued at $295 Absolutely Free in the 3 Day Ignite Your Life Breakthrough Challenge Starting MARCH 14th, 15th & 16th


If you are ready to take your faith to the next level in 2022...then you simply can't afford to miss this challenge...


  • Prolific Writer: He has written and published over nine books that focus on unlocking the potential that is already ours in Christ. 

  • A Seasoned Voice of Wisdom: He has been in the trenches of life where it counts most. His 40 years in ministry have impacted and influenced many to step out beyond their own limitations.

  • Entrepreneur who has been in the trenches of both business and ministry.

  • Creator Of Ignite Your Life Training Program: The absolute #1 best-in-class solution for average people looking to connect with their purpose and ignite their faith and lives.


Get exclusive access to this live training valued at $295 Absolutely Free in the 3 Day Ignite Your Life & Breakthrough Challenge Starting March 14th

Jocelyn Everett
"The tools and action steps helped me."
All I can say is, wow! I really enjoyed this class. I was amazed at all the tools and extra things Scott Johnson created and gives away to support us through the process!!

I discovered how to let go of the old patterns that have stopped me in the past. I now can have a new view of myself, move forward and make a difference with my life.
Diana Ward
"I have read and benefited from all of Scott's materials, and this one is no exception."
I have known Scott Johnson for almost two decades, and his spiritual wisdom has helped and encouraged me many times and through many challenges and personal crises throughout those years.

His relationship with and knowledge of God have always been impressive and inspiring to me.

Scott's desire to encourage and build up others is always unwaveringly present, and given my life and church experience, particularly refreshing. He has much to offer and is always ready to give it generously.

If you attend the 3-Day challenge you will probably experience a "light bulb turn on" and I guarantee that you will be encouraged to go forward and to shine in the life God has given you, no matter where you are in your life and spiritual growth.
"I recommend this to anyone looking to discover their purpose and blueprint."
Bonnie Duell
Founder, with “late” husband Dave Duell: Faith Ministries Denver Church, Faith Ministries Network, Duell Ministries
Scott Johnson, a longtime friend and a prolific writer, is a man who desires all to know their specific life passions. In this latest book, Scott makes the case for discovering your unique gift, your brand, that you will use to serve others; that gift where “God and you blend together!”

One of my favorite phrases from his book: “Genius poured genius into an earthen vessel.” Wow! Meditating on that alone will forever change your life.

Find out how to discard false beliefs and mindsets that keep you from experiencing God’s reality for you, your identity as God intended. Discover your purpose and blueprint.

After all, you are made in the image of God. Why not act like this is true!
Dean Renfro
"Wow! - Scott really nails it . This is a soul-stirring and life-changing message."
His keen insights into helping you discover and live your life's mission and purpose is soul-stirring and life-changing. For me as a fellow pastor, Scott nails it when he says, It is to be a life that exemplifies our own personal blueprint on a daily basis."

As Scott unfolds he and Debra's journey of discovering their purpose - it lays a path about how you can discover your purpose and then create a blueprint of how to live it out. Interlaced with biblical truths it speaks directly to a great principle - "There is no longer secular and spiritual kingdom living, there is only kingdom living that invades every aspect of our lives."

If you want to find your purpose (and who doesn't?) and then build a blueprint to live it out, this book is just what you need. I highly recommend it!


Living a defeated powerless life as a Christian was never God's intention. Sadly, many struggles and are stuck in some form where it concerns God's promises not matching up to what they are experiencing. Truth be told, our world around in many ways has pre-conditioned us for failure and how life is to be lived. 

The problem is, there are many things that get in the way. 

    1. There are experiences of the past that try to derail us on an ongoing basis.
    2. Present conditions, relationships, financial and health issues hijack our lives and faith.
    3. Then there are many other nagging irritations like...

"I'm not qualified."
"I don't believe in myself enough."
"I am deep in financial problems"
"I'm shy. I'm too old to live my dreams."
"I can't find time because I have kids."
"I can't speak confidently."
"I can never quiet my negative self-talk."
"I'm not enough."

It's time to break free of the limitations that have stopped you! God desires you to be free more than you realize.

It is easy to go to church and get all motivated and passionate about making a difference with our faith. But, we struggle in what I call the “NO-WHERE ZONE."

Oh, you might be busy in prayer meetings, bible study, and church attendance but in these areas of your life, you wonder to yourself, why is it not working?

Life ends up consuming us and we eventually give up! 

But, what if there was a way to connect directly into the answers you seek, to have the assurance and certainty that you hunger for?

To know without a doubt that breakthrough is possible because you lived it!

There is a renewed move of God in the lives of people like yourself who are telling themselves, enough is enough! I am ready to walk into my breakthrough!

Isn't this the very thing all people hunger for? Today that’s about to change for you!

I created the 3-Day Challenge called, Ignite Your Life Breakthrough Challenge for helping Christians just like you who desire to go to the next level in their faith.

Oh, and let me just add, I am not talking about complicating your life with a long to-do list. Keep in mind, what Jesus has for us is "Easy and Light" and that is good news.

By the end of this 3-day challenge...

  •  You will have a clear picture of your identity in Christ and how to connect directly to your answer!
  • You will discover an authentic vibrant lifestyle that connects you directly to God's blueprint for living effectively... No matter your circumstances!
  • You will discover God's specific design and purpose for your life where you can truly feel like you can make a difference.

And... enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment in your life.

I can't wait to see what happens once you give me your YES to join me in the 3 Day Ignite Your Life, Ignite Your World Challenge.

In His service,

Scott Johnson

If you are ready to take your life to the next level in 2022...then you simply can't afford to miss this challenge...


The Igntite Your Life, Ignite Your World Challenge is happening LIVEon ZOOM! The LInk will be supplied inside our private Facebook group at 9:00 am – 10:00pm MT (8am PT, 5 pm GMT) on the dates below.

How Does This Work?

This is a free 3-day challenge, but registration is required. Once you register, you’ll get a link to access the “Ignite Your Life, Ignite Your World” Challenge private Facebook group. Everything takes place inside this group. Each day during the challenge, I will be teaching live at Noon (Mountain Time) inside the Zoom, where you can ask questions, interact with others, post your challenges and breakthroughs, and grow with a community of like-minded believers. If you can’t make the live sessions, you can watch them (and re-watch them) on replay.

How Do I Know This Is For Me?

If you want to experience breakthrough for your vision, if you want more money for more impact, if you want to learn to build with God—for the right reasons—then this free 3-day challenge was created for Kingdom-minded believers just like you!

What Will I Gain From This?

Everyone is busy and flooded with information. That is why I created this challenge to be simple and direct. My goal is to reduce the Kingdom-building process into actionable, bite-sized chunks so that you know exactly what to do and how to do it. I’m reducing this big task into a step-by-step process so that you can take consistent action.

Why Is This Free?

I want to add massive value to Kingdom-minded believers who want to break free of the past so they can shape the course of world history. Also, I believe the Kingdom is “taste and see.” You can get a “taste” of what Igntite Your Life Breakthrough is like to see if you want to continue further.
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